Practical and general informations Go discover the island

Quinta Cochete is located on the heart of Ribeira das Patas and is the ideal starting point for all excursions to the western part of Santo Antão, a lesser known part of the island.  The estate was owned by the great capverdian novelist Manuel Lopes​, who found there the inspiration of his famous novel ​Chuva Braba. 

From the house, you may start by foot for the Forquinha pass (3 to 4 hours), or for the Mato tour (2 1/2 hours). A more casual walk (about 2 hours) will enable you to discover the village of Lagoa and its inhabitants.

Another walk along the spectacular trail of Bordeira do Norte, one of the most beautiful of Santo Antão, wll bring you  onto the western altiplano in two hours, from which you can continue to the Tope de Corroa, summit of the island at 1972 m; returning via  the spectacular cliff path of Cirio, from where a taxi may bring you back to Cochete.

In the estate

Visit the garden

Enjoy either  the ornamental or the kitchen-garden, with informations about dry tropical agriculture, farming and irrigations techniques, and the sharing of spring waters.

Aspiring, or professional artists will find a shady space for watercolour.

Stargazers will enjoy a clear night whtihout any light pollution and the most "zen" will find yoga mats available.

Practical informations

How to get to Santo Antão ?

​Travel by air to Mindelo's airport (VXE) on the neighbouring island of São vicente. A ferry will take you to Porto Novo from where we can, on request, organize your transfer to Quinta Cochete.

The best travel season is from October to April.

Money: Capverdian escudo (ECV), available with creditcards and exchange in the banks.

Visa possibly available on arrival (now 25 €)

No vaccination is required.