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Quality accomodation in the Cape Verde Islands

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Five rooms at your disposal

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A comfortable stay in the heart of Santo Antão's mountains

Guest house, Cape Verde Islands Quinta Cochete is a large farmhouse located on the edge of the huge crater of Ribeira das Patas in the western part of the island of Santo Antão

Jacques and Dominique, a Swiss-French couple, welcome you into their spacious and comfortable home for short or long stays, as you prefer. Enjoy the 20 m  sport swimming pool or else just relax in the surroundings.

Our garden produces both potatoes and sweet potatoes, many other vegetables and fruits, and sugar cane that is made into "grogue" (rum) matured in oak casks in our cave.

A four-years programme,  achieved with the help of local workers has resulted  a full renovation of the fields; the builiding of a water-tank for gota-gota irrigation, new pens for the cattle, cows and bull, sheep and goats, and a new garden house in traditionnal style,  made of stone and straw.


From CVE5'000

Ours rooms

​We offer two double rooms, two triple rooms, and one Suite (triple)

Each room presents  its own individual charm and comfort, as well as a  large bathrooom. Every room is also distinguished by its own colour and material: wood, metal or stone.

Information about rooms

Table d'hôtes

​For a convivial or more intimate dinner

Our table d'hôtes proposes you tasty meals with ingredients coming mainly from the farm or from local producers with fresh fish and home made bread, cheese and yogurt.

Information about eating arrangements


Go discover the island

​Quinta cochete is located in the heart of Riveira das Patas and is the ideal starting point for all excursions to the western part of Santo Antão, the less known part of the island.

What to do in Cochete ?