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Jacques et Dominique Zurcher
Quinta Cochete
Ribeira das Patas
CP 75
1310 Porto Novo
Cape Verde Islands
Tel +238/227 22 02
Mobile +238/957 36 07

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Ecological and social chart Our project

The project's purpose is to give you a warm welcome and to support the development of a poor area of the island, in a mind of repectful and balanced tourism.

We are proud to give our staff good working conditions: all salaried are secured and trained to progress in their job and to give you a quality welcoming.

As water and electricity are scarse and precious in the Cape Verde, we opted for ecological solutions: no air conditioning but natural ventilation and shade, collective fridge for guests, filtred spring water available to avoid plastic bottles, photovolaic electricity, solar hot water, grey water used for trees and ornemental plants. The swimmingpool is emptied during rain season and water is filtred with solar pump.